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4 oz. Flat Style Tin 3 1/8 x 1

These flat, seamless slip cover tins are versatile and typically used for candles, cosmetics, lab use, and more. This can has a debossed lid.

  • Approximate dimensions: 3 1/8" X 1" (diameter X height)
  • Non-labeled
  • Debossed lid
  • These tins are not suitable for liquids

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120401Case (72)4 oz. Flat Style Slip Cover Tin$89.28 ($1.24 ea)
12040-6501Case (650)4 oz. Flat Style Slip Cover Tin$578.50 ($0.89 ea)
12040-13001Case (1300)4 oz. Flat Style Slip Cover Tin$1,014.00 ($0.78 ea)

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