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Round Packer Bottles

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Wide mouth packer bottles are shaped for easier filling. They have a wide mouth opening and a round body. Packer bottles are commonly known as pill packers or vitamin bottles. These high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic bottles are available in 2 oz capacity to 32 oz.  A white polypropylene foam lined cap is included. 

  • FDA approved
  • HDPE (High-density polyethlene)
  • Natural, semi transparent in appearance
  • Wide mouth opening, round body

High density polyethylene (HDPE) is a common resin. It is economical and has good impact resistance. It also provides a good moisture barrier. ‚ÄčIt is approved by the FDA. HDPE provides good protection at below freezing temperatures. HDPE varies in heat compatibility. Gererally, maximum fill temerature is around 145°F. It cannot be used for products requiring a hermetic (vacuum) seal. 

This information serves as a general guide. It is the customer's responsibility to select the proper container for product and application compatibility.